Master Brake Mechanic in Waterloo Ontario

My name is Roy. I have lived in Waterloo region for the last 40 years where I owned a repair shop. After I retired from being a full-time mechanic I decided to try my hand at doing mobile service. Having run my own shop, I know how much overhead typical repair centres have and how much they have to charge just to pay the monthly expenses. I thought, why not save my customer's money by cutting out the shop? After all, most repairs don't need a hoist, welding torch and other equipment that most shops have. The majority of brake repairs can be done with just a jack, a set of wrenches, a few screwdrivers, a set of ratchets, etc.

So if you are tired of paying high shop fees, why not eliminate the shop. I can do most jobs in your driveway or garage and save you hundreds of dollars in the process. I will beat any written quote by at least 30%. My work is fully guaranteed and I will tell you exactly what the work will cost before I get started.

Please use the contact form to send me an email or you can phone or text me directly at 519‑575‑8887.