Safety Standard Certificates (Safety Checks)

Back in July 2016, the Ontario government changed the regulations for vehicle safety checks to be much more stringent. New rules stipulate exactly how thick the brake pads and rotors must be, how much tire tread must be remaining, etc. I have access to a shop in Guelph and I can complete safety checks under the new rules and complete any repairs needed to remedy issues required for your vehicle to pass a safety check. I can issue a Safety Standard Certificate (SSC) which is needed to obtain licence plates for the vehicle.

I charge $125 for this service for cars and light-duty vans and trucks. Commercial vehicles are charged an extra fee. As part of this service I will complete all of the required paperwork and perform a road test.

A safety check takes about an hour and a half to complete. Be vary wary of shops that charge less than $125. In most cases these shops use the safety check as a 'loss-leader' to get you in the door so that they can charge you inflated prices on work that you may not even need done.