Brake Inspection Service

Rotors and pads being inspectedIt never pays to delay getting your brakes serviced. People often wait until their brakes start making a noise before they have them serviced. The problem with this strategy is that the brake noise usually starts when your brake pads are completely worn through. When this happens, you reach a "metal on metal" situation which causes gouging of your rotors. If you wait even longer, you may even start to wear your calipers or the caliper piston may push out so far that it can't be pushed back. So, by waiting to get your brakes looked at, what could have been a simple job to replace the brake pads becomes an expensive replacement of pads, rotors and calipers.

To avoid this situation, I recommend having your brakes inspected every 40,000 KM. This is a simple service that takes about an hour. In addition to checking the wear on the pads and rotors I also check to make sure the pads are seated correctly and not sticking.

It is pretty common for brakes to start to stick after a couple of years. This can happen due to sticking of the Caliper Piston. Also, the Caliper Slides sometimes get seized if they dry out or are not lubricated properly. Sometimes the pads, themselves, get stuck in the caliper brackets due to rust and corrosion.

I will correct all of these common problems as well as provide an accurate estimate for when you should have your brake pads and other components replaced.

The cost of this service is $60 in the K/W area. If it turns out you need new brakes, I will credit this inspection fee back to you if you have me replace the brakes within the next 30 days.

Don't wait for your car to "tell" you it needs servicing. Take pre-emptive action and save.