Honest Mobile Brake Mechanic in Kitchener

My name is Roy. I live in Kitchener and I used to have my own shop here in Kitchener. Sadly it burned down about 15 years ago and I decided not to rebuild. I decided that for many of the repairs I was doing I don't actually need a shop. I had the skill set so all I really needed to do brake work and other common repairs is a heavy duty jack and some tools. So that's what I do now, I go to people's homes and fix their vehicles on site.

This is really a win-win. I have very little overhead so I don't need to charge very much to make a little money. My customers get to leverage my 40 years of experience at very reasonable prices. I can even do the work on the weekends so that my customers are not inconvenienced.

So you decide, do you want to pay big bucks to have some kid fresh out of high-school working on your car and pushing to replace parts you likely don't even need or do you want to have an experienced professional who charges very reasonable rates and only does the work that is actually necessary?